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Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoner RKH-09S

Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoner RKH-09S

Radpak Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoner
Radpak Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoners are ideal for small and medium range appliactions up to +80 CPM. The machine allows to load a diversity of products directly into cartons of various types. In addition, a wide range of products and which may be packed, high speed of servo drives and reliability of the machine, cause that this type of cartoner will fulfil all customers’ requirements.
Radpak developes special design automatic devices for collating, collacting, counting, loading for wide range of different applications. Cartoners integrated with any type of upstream packing or processing lines including industrial robots and Radpak manipulators and also integrated down streams with Radpak case packers. Fully automatic lines available.

Wide Range of Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoners
Models available: RKH-06S , RKH-09S, RKH-12S, RKH-14S, RKH-16S
  • Intermittent carton feeding with automatic erecting and closing by glue or tuck Allen Bradley, Siemens, B&R PLC controller
  • Nordson Automatic gluing system for both carton sides
  • Power supply 3-phases 400 VAC, 9 [kW]
  • Air supply 6 [bar], 5 [m3/h]
  • from 30 to 80 pieces per minute, depending on carton size and product
Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoners are ideal for packing:
  • Food
  • Industrial
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmacy
  • Personal

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Radpak produces Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoners. The machines serve to form cases from flat, initially sealed cartons. Then, the product is situated inside the box and finally sealed. The whole process is conducted automatically, and thanks to its integration with, for example, packaging and foiling machines we are able to create a wholly automated and effective system. As with Vertical Baggers, we supply a considerable number of cartoning machines, which are sure to satisfy our customers’ demands. Depending on the product, we may provide vertically or horizontally oriented cartoners. It is the product that determines the type of a cartoner; hence, for instance, single products may be packed using a Horizontal Cartoner, whereas powdery products should be packed with a weigher directly to a case on a Vertical Cartoner. We provide economical, intermittent machines and continuous cartoners of high capacity.

RADPAK - Horizontal Intermittent Motion Cartoner RKH