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Retail Ready Display with Lid Packer

Retail Ready Display with Lid Packer

Retail Ready Display with Lid Packer prepares a group of unit packs and transfers them in a specified arrangement to a display which is then closed and sealed. Our display packer loads products in displays either with or without a lid. The compact design is perfect for facilities with limited space.

Retail Ready Display with Lid packer:
  • Magazine for manual flat blank loading – capacity of magazine for 15 minutes working (app. 250 cartons), changing size is made by hand wheel, with Sick indicators – 20 minute changeover time to another format
  • Two motorized magazines for wrapped - tray & lid/hood
  • Universal machine prepared for 3 types of displays (wrap around case, wrap around tray, and wrap around tray with lid/hood)
  • Jog function with preset stations: loading, forming and closing the case
  • Vacuum cups for taking cartons from magazine
  • l
  • Glue applicator: Nordson
  • PLC controller Allen Bradley Kinetix 6500 with 10” color touch screen
  • Servo top placing mechanism for lid/hood.
  • Product grouping station on servo track – Allen Bradley servo drive
  • Two Ritall electrical cabinets for quick and easy 1 day installation.
  • Exchangeable belts for servo track and loading arms for different products and different configurations
  • Easy and quick change of servo track belts for different bag size
  • Servo loading arm
  • SICK sensors
  • Festo pneumatic equipment
  • Full covers with safety switches
  • Contact parts with product made of stainless steel
  • Machine powder coated, color RAL 9006
The Retail Ready Display with Lid Packer can pack individual packages in three kinds of displays:
  • Wrap around tray
  • Wrap around tray with lid/hood
  • wrap around case

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