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RSC Top load case packer

RSC Top load case packer

The RSC Case packer groups a set number of products and loads them into a four flap case (Regular Slotted Case). The grouping capacity of the standard machine reaches 100 products per minute.
    An advantage of the Radpak case packer is itseasy integration with end of line machines made by other producers. Moreover, the compact size of the machine makes it perfect for facilities with limited space.

RSC Top load case packer
  • • Accepts a wide range of primary packaging: pouches, boxes, bags, sachets, stabilo bags, etc.
  • Automatic indexing of pre-erected cases, 3 conveyors
  • Automatic servo track counting and grouping unit for pouches
  • Automatic product loading/counting at index servo station ( 1 or 2 rows)
  • Quick Change Servo Track Belts
  • Side compression with diving movement for trouble free top loading
  • PLC controller Allen Bradley 6500 Kinetics
  • Allen Bradley 10” HMI on swing Arm
  • Pneumatics FESTO
  • Air pressure: 6 [bar] min
  • Equipped with AB servo drives for precise and reliable work
  • Easy size adjustment
  • Power supply: 480 [V], 3-phase + PE 60 [Hz] ,
  • Easy integration with automatic case erector and top flap closing taper
  • UL standards
  • Powder coated frame, color RAL 9006
RSC Top load case packer is suitable for packaging the following products:
  • boxes
  • pouches
  • sachets
  • doypacks
  • stabilo bags
  • containers

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RADPAK produces a whole variety of End of line packing systems such as case forming and product grouping and packaging devices the: Top load case packer. Top load case packer allows fast and efficient arranging items and loading them from the top into a delivered, four flap carton. High capacity – up to 100 cases per minute.

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