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Rotary Fill Seal Machine Stand Up pouch

Radpak offers wide range of intermittent 6/8/9/10 station rotary fill seal machines to suit your needs with attractive premade pouches. This machine is most widely manufactured machine that can be perfectly fitted into any industry areas without harming its capacity or accuracy. T series machines are equipped with dacades-long experience and technology that will provide the best performance and satisfaction. Rotary Fill Seal Machine can pack any filli product into any kind of pouch up to 400mm width.

Rotary Fill Seal Machine T series
  • 8 product stations
  • Speed 30-50 BPM
  • Pouch size Width: 100-240 mm
  • Pouch size Length: ~350 mm
  • Fast & Accurate performance
  • Versatile configuration
  • Quick format change
  • Low space requirement
  • Durable quality
  • Better Presentation
  • 100% guaranteed PID controlled heat sealing
  • Storage up to ~500pouches. Simple adjustment for format change
  • Special pouch magazine
  • Available for integration with various filling units
  • Suitable for any type of pouches. (flat, doypak, zipper etc)
  • Patented system for zipper pouch open
  • Any kind of coding unit can be implemented

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Rotary Fill Seal Machine T series is suitable for packaging wide range of products:
  • Liquid ( Juice, Ginseng Juice, Dairy food, Shampoo, Detergent, Edible oil, etc )
  • Paste and Paste w / soild ( Ketchup, Jam, Chily Paste, Curry, Soup, Cooked meal, etc )
  • Powder ( Flour, Seasoning, Chilli Powder, Powder Detergent, Chemical Powder, etc )
  • Granule ( Sugar, Salt, Grain, Coffee, Nuts, Cereal, Tablet/Capsule, etc )
  • Lump ( Chestnut, Instant Noodle, Cocktail Ice, Biscuit, Pickles, etc )


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Rotary Fill Seal Machine

Rotary Fill Seal Machine Stand Up pouch