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Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger RM-32ACD Stand Up pouch

Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger RM-32ACD Stand Up pouch


With the latest technical solutions used in our vertical form fill and seal machine RM-32ACD it will be the perfect choice for those who are looking for sustainable and efficient packaging equipment for modern packages like Stand up pouches

Our vertical bagger enables packaging product in the classic closed Stand Up pouch and Stand Up pouch with zipper

Vertical form fill and seal intermittent Bagger RM-32ACD:
  • Heat-stabile sealing jaws for PP, laminate film
  • Two side belts for film transport
  • 1 forming tube for Stand Up pouches included
  • Allen Bradley PLC
  • Touch screen 10” equipped with auto-diagnostic with alarms for operator
  • SICK photocell with microprocessor, for fast learning of marker color contrast
  • Encoder which reads film length without print mark
  • Pneumatic equipment FESTO, SMC, 12 [mm] connection
  • Automatic film tracking on the forming tube collar – system equipped with 2 SICK photocells and AC micro-step drive
  • Fast film connecting system during film change
  • SEW AC drives
  • Automatic film unwinding system with stretching bar equipped with analog sensor for constant film tension
  • Full plexi doors with safety switches
  • Ethernet connection
  • Short outtake conveyor under sealing jaws
  • Pneumatic mounting shaft for reel change – easy tools free
  • outtake conveyor RC-30
Doypack bag dimensions:
Doypack bag dimensions
Film roll dimensions RM-32ACD:
  • max roll OD 600 [mm]
  • Film roll ID 75 [mm]
Capacity RM-32ACD:
  • Speed – Up to 60 BPM
Vertical form fill and seal intermittent motion bagger RM-32ACD is suitable for packaging wide range of products:
  • Food loose
  • Fresh products
  • Granulates
  • Sweets
  • PET food
  • Cookies
  • Coated nuts
  • Vegetables

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Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger RM-32ACD is machine that can make stand up pouches including zipper. This innovative technology is very flexible and gives us a lot of possibilities. With our patented stand up pouch solutions you can get the cost effective results using our Stand Up pouch technology. If you want the finest quality stand up pouch with zipper, stand up pouch or form-fitment-fill packaging for a spout pouch or other application please contact us and we will custom design a system for your needs

Stand Up pouch bagger RM-32ACD