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Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger RM-25 Brick Type

Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger RM-25 Brick Type

Vertical Form Fill Seal Bagger RM-25 Brick Type
Vertical Form Fill Seal Intermittent Motion Stabilo Bagger RM-25 integrated with horizontal brick forming carusel designed for packing products into brick with top folded flat with sticker for reusing or top twist tied. Servo driven carusel with 3 vibro stations for tied forming of baga for loose products like grain, seeds, rice, coffee, tea , powder etc. Our machines are capable of producing a considerable variety of bags, for instance: brick, flat bags, side gusset bags, stabilo with 4 sealed corners, zipper , euro slot bags, twist tied etc
Modern packaging allows economic space use, is easy for exhibiton and case packing. Important innovation with new packaging is their compact body and possibility of multiple opening and closing. Radpak supplies wide range of case packing machines for brick bags.
Easy intergration with Radpak cup dosers, augers or weighers.

Vertical Bagger RM-25 Brick Type
  • Temperature control (constant heat sealing RM-25AC)
  • Touch panel with Pack ML type of program
  • Automatic film centering
  • Film ending alarm
  • Automatic film unwinding system
  • Film quick connecting system
  • Pneumatic shaft for easy film loading
  • Measuring film length by encoder or photocell
  • Tools free adjustment
  • Stabilo bags – 4 sealed corners - option
  • Powder painted frame standard
  • Stainless steel – option
  • Zipper – option
  • Anti-static cross bars - option
Bag dimensions:
  • pouch width from 50 to 250 [mm]
  • length from 80 to 300 [mm]
Brick bags volume from 500 g to 2000 g of rice.
Bag dimensions :
  • Width x Depth x Height minimum 82mm x 62mm x 145mm maximum 130mm x 100mm x 250mm
  • constant heat sealing version RM-25AC up to 60 brick bags per minute
Vertical Bagger RM-25 Brick Type bagging line dedicated for premium products:
  • Coffee, tea
  • Sugar, salt
  • Pasta
  • Powder
  • Sweets
  • Rice, oatmeal
  • PET food
  • Cookies
  • Nuts

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Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine RM-25 Brick pouch type serves to pack products in brick-type plastic bags. It is a very common package type especially in the food industry. It is perfect for bagging salt, rice, flour, sweets or fruit. The packaging process is fully automated and consists in forming a bag which is sealed and closed after the application of a product. Thanks to a vast number of vertical machines, we may offer solutions adequate for most product types and bag sizes available on the market.

Vertical Form Fill Seal Machines RM-25 Brick pouch type